Lion Club of Dorado

The Lions Club of Dorado Juan Boria was founded in the town of Dorado in February 25th, 1998. The first lady founder and president of this club was Mrs. Paulita Rodríguez of Cajigas, who together with her husband C/L Israel Cajigas Franqui, began the task of organizing the club, with the help and motivation of who was at that time the Lion Governor of the 51st District Center: Jimmy Alequin.

The Club of Dorado Juan Boria was patroniced by the Lions Club of Bayamón with the colaboration of the C/L Felipe Carrasquillo and its President Juan Ramón García. This Club had the great honor of receiving its Constitutive Letter directly from the hands of the International Director, Jack Isaman, from Canada. The Club began with 26 founder members and its first Board of Directors was composed of: Paulita Rodríguez Crespo, President; Israel Cajigas Franqui, 1st Vice-President; Pedro Candelario, 2nd Vice-President; Roberto E. López Lamadrid, Secretary; Carmelo Concepción, Treasurer; María T. Rivera García, Lion Tamer; Ramón Carrillo Coss, Tail Twister; Sara E. Rivera, Director (2) years; Dr. Luis Peña Figueroa, Director (2) years; Angel D. Agostini Pintor, Director (1) year; and Julio R. Dávila Díaz, Affiliation.

The Lions Club of Dorado Juan Boria has had the support of the Municipal Administration and its Honorable Mayor Carlos López Rivera, who was named Honorary Member last year. The Club has continued active, working with the community in civic and benefice causes achieving great recognition in its only 4 years of foundation. Its membership unites in the Meeting House located in the Hogar La Nueva Aurora, in the Calle Principal del Barrio Mameyal of Dorado (besides the C.D.T.) the 1st and 3rd thursday of every month.

Right now the club counts with 23 active members and its president is C/L Edna M. Arce Cacho, who is working on gaining some land in Doraville to begin the construction of the new Club House. This will constitute a great cause that will help to maintain alive the lionism in our beautiful town of Dorado.

In addition the Club Leo began with 10 young adults of different urban areas of Dorado. We also have the school Alfonso López and the Dorado Academy with 15 young adults who will become members shortly. We are seeking new members and young adults to strengthen our Club Leo and Lions Club so in this way we can develop leaders for the future of our country.