“Don Rafael Cepeda Atiles School” is an educational, recreational, humanistic, artistic, folkloric-cultural institution.  It was founded during the 1970’s by professor Modesto Cepeda, his wife, Enriqueta “Ketty” Culta (deceased), and his daughters, Gladys Camara and Brenda Cepeda. It is a family-based project that has obtained a countless number of achievements during the more than 25 years of its existence. The school is incorporated as a non-profit organization.

The school assists children, youths, adults and families by means of music, dance and percussion workshops based on the arts, education and Puerto Rican folklore and culture. The traditional music and dance workshops based on the Puerto Rican bomba and plena are currently offered at the schools permanent site at Calle Union #71, sector Playita de Villa Palmeras, Santurce, Puerto Rico. The school’s new location is currently under construction at the intersection of Rafael Cepeda Atiles Street and Barbosa Street in Villa Palmeras, Santurce.

The school attempts to promote the teaching of music, dance and percussion by means of a practical and theoretical basis. This enables the student to know, appreciate and attain an integral development of his/her personality, and identify with his/her Puerto Rican environment. We are determined to strengthen the folkloric and cultural roots that define us as Puerto Ricans.

The school operates on a semester basis- January to June and August to December. The classes and workshops are offered by the school’s director, Professor Modesto Cepeda, and Gladys Camara, choreographer. The members of the Cimiento Puertorriqueño Dance Company who are the official representatives of the school assist them. Private individual and group classes may be offered by prior arrangement with Professor Modesto Cepeda and/or Gladys Camara.

The Cepeditas

The “Rafael Cepeda Atiles Bomba and Plena School of Puerto Rico” is the first and only one of its genre established in Puerto Rico. It has continued to expand and develop while serving the disadvantaged communities of Santurce and Puerto Rico.

Thousands of students have benefited from the school and have gone on to become professionals in music, dance and education. They are a source of pride and honor for our CULTURAL INSTITUTION.

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