ARCHIFAST(c) for FastCAD 32, by F. Jayo
A series of macros to be used with FastCAD 32 by Evolution Computing. 
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Last updated: Jun 16 , 2003 
You can download all ver. 6 macros or select individual macros. 

The download page includes: 

a. - A file including all macros and icons. 

b. - A file containing many icons. 

c. - Archifast. All files plus custom bars. 

d.  Individual macros with their icon. 

To install the icons go to Help/Contents click on the index tab and type "icons", then read "icons:customizing". To load the macros type "macros" and read "loading a new file".

These macros let you use the most common Fastcad32 ver. 6 commands with a single keystroke. Fastcad is not set to accept single keystrokes as commands, these simple macros let you do this to enhance productivity. You can draw very quickly with one hand on the keyboard and the other hand on the mouse pointing and accepting commands. We accept no legal responsibility whatsoever for the use of these macros or files. 

Backup your fcw32.mac and fcw32.imn files before installation of To use some icons like the door symbol icons in old drawings you will have to load the new ftv6.fct template, open a new drawing and insert the old drawing in the new one.


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