ARCHIFAST(c) for FastCAD 32, by F. Jayo
An architectural setup for FastCAD 32 ver.7 by Evolution Computing
This is the setup I currently use. Drawing units are feet and inches.
As with all macros, sometimes they will fail. Backup and save frequently.
I accept no legal responsibility whatsoever for the use of these macros or files.
Last updated June 15, 2003

Download Archifast ver. 7 zip file
To install unzip(extract) all files into the Fastcad7(main) directory.
The script fcw7.scr will be substituted, you can backup the original.
Go to the "Hammer" icon or to the Menu- Specs/Screen Tools... and load afast7.cfg.
You may need to copy calc.exe from the Windows files into the FastCad directory.
This zip file includes macros. It does not include the parts and symbols.
Download Archifast Macros for ver. 7 file
Unzip and load the macro afastv7.mac. Use this if you only want the macros.
Download 3D Parts & Symbols for ver. 7
a. If you accidentally rotate a plan or side view and you want to go back to the previous view, just press the ESC key. The ESC key can also be useful to stop a long RENDER.
b. Use ALT key to zoom back and forth in perspective view. SHIFT zooms back and forth in isometric (orthogonal) view but it does not work in perspective view.
c. 3D coordinate input is more accurately entered through the plan view. 3D coordinates are relative to the plan view plane, they are NOT relative to the current view plane.
d. Many commands such as OFFSET cannot be entered except in plan view. OFFSET does not work in elevations.
e. Always save drawings in the multiple window view. Use the Maximize/Minimize icon to go from a single to multiple views. You can always switch to a single window and back to multiple windows if it is saved when multiple windows are on. However, if you save a single window view, you cannot go back to multiple windows.
f. Extrusions of solid fills produce solid figures. Extrusions of hollow fills produce hollow figures.
g. Use SHIFT not CTRL (as in v.6) to remove selected objects during a command. When SHIFT is pressed during a command it activates temporarily the NOT mode.
h. When picking you can activate EACH or WINDOW automatically. If you pick an empty space WINDOW is activated.
i. The v. 6 macros have all required change due to the elimination of the SELBY logic. Also some commands such as SYMBOL or ROTATE may require additional input 3D information.
j. Plotting pattern or bitmap fills may take a long time of plotter memory work. Using scaleable hatch fills solves this problem. Evolution does not recommend using "Brush Fills" nor "Bitmap Fills" in pen plotters.
k. If the cursor seems to "disappear" it may be that you are drawing at a higher level than your window view. Click on the small icon "2" (right top side) to locate yourself on the "0" horizontal level.  
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