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Your a golden god! How did you do that man??

Well if you're into film-making you probably know how it's was made, but for those of you who don't know... I will tell you. It was created using a technique called stop-motion. Huh... what's that? It's when you place an object in front of the camera and film only 1 frame of film (or video in this case) then move it a little and film another frame and do that over and over until you have the object complete the motion you want. When your done and the film is played back it will look as if the object is moving on its own. Some scenes in the movie are not stop-motion (the water scene's). A problem I encountered was that my camera did not film 1 frame at a time, it filmed 1/4 of a second (around 3-5 frames) and that's why the movement did not come out as smooth as I would of liked. Ok, now about the sound. When you shoot stop-motion you have to add the sound after. That was pretty tough seeing as how I had many characters and only myself to do the voices so I ended up doing all the voices myself (I know... I'm so darn talented). I also used the music from the Titanic soundtrack (hey if your James Cameron, please don't sue me. I'll give you a tootsie roll). I hope that now you know a bit more about of how this film was made. Now go out and make your own stop-motion movie!

Here are two books that might help you better understand the fundamentals of animation.

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