This outstanding minstrel trio is at the top of their artistic carreer. Lead voice Quique Taboas reigns supreme in the realm of romantic lead voices; boasting a cult-like following of thousands of fans since the days of "Quique y Tomás" Now he is accompanied by the master of the "requinto"guitar, maestro Rafael Scharrón.
Rafael Taboas rounds-up the trio having inherited from his father a beautiful voice and a special gift for the guitar. No better way to express love thru music.



Their music is an oasis of beautiful melodies that include puertorrican and latin-american folkloric repertoires, as well as spanish and romantic “trio” style music, combined with a three part harmony that will cradle you.

Best appreciated when strolling.

Their talent and expertise will astound you.



These masters of romantic music will lead you into the realm of love and music; with Candy Candelaria’s beautiful voice and Tito Vicente’s wizardry on the piano and keyboards, this duo will walk you thru the classic repertory of  “Bohemia” style of music, which is, the music from the heart and the soul that describes every love story known to a man and a woman.

Now also, with the beautiful songs of Dr. Carlos C. Maestre; this is the Golden Era of Romanticism.



This magical combination of voices and guitars is the standard which countless other “trios” follow.  With unmatched experience on vocal harmony, the expertise is at the service of beautiful songs and special moments of musical bliss.

Led by admired Tony Abreu ,“Trio CARIBE” has been host to many romantic “soirées” of dancing under the gorgeus caribbean moon, with only the rhythm provided by the pounding of the waves.



This well-traveled trio has been Puerto Rico’s ambassador to Spain, Honolulu, Canada, Virginia, Florida, Chicago and New York.

After ten recordings they are very well established in the romantic music field. Manolo’s beautiful voice, Ricardo’s guitar wizardry and Edwin’s harmony blend in one of America’s most famous trilogy.

Sit back and enjoy this feast in music, lyric and song.


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