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New Glasses!

I took this photo of myself in August 2004. Note the spiffy new glasses.

Picture of me

This is a somewhat less recent picture of me, taken in early July 2002. As you can see, it was taken during my short hair and dorky glasses phase. I had taken a trip back East to see my folks, and they absolutely insisted that I get a haircut. Since then, I let the hair grow back, the results of which you can see below in a later photo:

A happier picture of me

The photo was taken with a HP Photosmart 318 digital camera, which I purchased over the July 4th 2002 holiday weekend. I'm satisfied with the camera, and I will refer the visitor to my Rants page for a discussion on how I got it to run with my Linux box.

On the left, there is a list of places to visit on this website. Books is a list of some of the books that I have read over the past few months that have facinated me. Bio is a very brief autobiography. If you already know me, there will not be too many surprises. Humor has some stuff that I thought was funny. There's stuff that I've written and other things as well. Rants need no explanation. Stuff is a grab bag of sorts, of things that defy classification or description. I've also placed some of the software projects I've been working on in here as well. Home, of course, brings you back to this page.

Here's another candid photo, again with the dorky glasses:

Another picture of me

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