Reynaldo (Ray) Roger, luthier and founder of R Bass Guitars, is a native of Puerto Rico who moved to New York City in 1967. Even as a little boy Ray always found different kinds of exotic woods fascinating. At the age of 17 he got a job in a small woodworking shop in Brooklyn, NY where he started to learn the art of working with wood. At the same time, he also realized he had a strong interest in music. So, he went to “Sears” and bought a guitar. As Ray was learning to play guitar his curiosity and love for wood got the best of him. He took the guitar apart, and then put it back together just to see how it worked. The beginning of a dream was born.

Ray continued learning and perfecting the craft of working with different kinds of wood and building guitars over the coming years. Then after many years of working for well known guitar maker Carl Thompson, he decided to go out on his own. He founded R Bass Guitars in 1997 in a small shop in Brooklyn. Ray’s philosophy of keeping the business small and personal has served him well, and he still loves the one on one relationship he establishes with all of his customers.

As more and more professional musicians began to play and experience the craftsmanship, sound and tone of R Bass Guitars, demand also began to grow. So in 2002, to help satisfy customer demand, Ray realized the necessity to expand and decided to move back to Puerto Rico with his family, and expand his production capabilities.

Ray has made a solemn pledge, that his commitment to craftsmanship will never be compromised, and that all his instruments have and will always be handmade custom instruments.